Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One More Last

Before you slept you curled my hair
through your tiny fingers 
The tighter the weave, the safer you felt 
The repetition became tiresome, even annoying
yet now what I would give
for just one more night...

The frustration I felt as you struggled 
to communicate;
tantrums, flowing tears
from both our eyes
the anguish you possessed 
around people and places 
my desire to always
keep you safe.

My fearless wall climbing
ball in hand 
always focused
discipline will get you through
pushing challenging 
what you lacked in age
you possessed in skill

Head kisses on top of blond curls
snuggle time 
eyes of blue, endless lashes and
dimples that can melt a heart
even after a window breaks 

So much pride comes as a child matures
yet brings pain as a mother watches 
and feels 
each of the lasts 
           slip away
If we could only go back to have 
one more last...

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