Thursday, August 20, 2009


The dialog from Quentin Tarantino's  interview with Kimmel drowns my thoughts as his irritating voice reminds me of the sound my screeching cat makes when she is trapped. Subsequently, deliberations occur on the upcoming football season and whether Ocho Cinco should have kicked that extra point.  GO TO BED ALREADY!  

When did family life become a test of endurance?  The member who is capable of staying up the latest is the one who gains the much needed solitude after a trying day.  Being a woman at this moment in time encompasses too much.  I crave silence.  But instead, the thoughts in my brain spill over, interrupting my quest for peace.  

I fantasize a life that is not my own.  

I am not unhappy here.  I have made choices and overall have been content, even happy, with the outcomes.  My glass is always half full.  My life is good, yet chaotic.  I thrive on the challenges.   

Yet, I need to be taken to another place.  I need someone/ something who will take care of me, adore me, and let me rest.  A shoulder to lean on.  A strong arm that draws me toward safety and security.  No worries here.  Only comfort.  I can finally breathe.  

And then I awake.  I am rejuvenated and able to return to reality.   

They coincide- reality and fantasy.  Both crucial in a life such as mine.